Are you a Triangle? Box? Circle? Squiggle? or Rectangle?

Each of these 5 SHAPES describes a Personal Style reflecting the way you communicate with others, career choices, choosing friends, dealing with stress, and making decisions.

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Introducing Susan E. Dellinger, Ph.D.
Creator of the Psycho-Geometrics® System

Dr. Susan DellingerDr. Dellinger created Psycho-Geometrics® in 1978 as a solution to a problem. As a management trainer for a Fortune 50 corporation, Susan wanted to help managers and supervisors to communicate more effectively with their teams. Frustrated with complicated testing instruments such as the MBTI and DISC, she sought a shortcut. Having done research in personality psychology and communication styles while completing her Doctorate in Communication at the U. of Colorado, she developed a system of communication style analysis based on 5 simple geometric shapes. It was an instant “hit” because it is quick, easy to understand and equally as valid as other tests on the market. And…people never forget their “SHAPE.”

Now, 30 years later, Susan has presented her Psycho-Geometrics® system Worldwide and spoken to over 1 million people in 24 countries improving communication among colleagues, managers, customers and personal relationships. Clients have included Federal Express, General Motors, IBM, American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Coldwell Banker, Arthur Andersen and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Her book, Communicating Beyond Our Differences: Introducing the Psycho-Geometrics® System (Prentice-Hall/Jade Ink, 1989/1996), has been translated into 7 languages including Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Dr. Dellinger is represented by the Greater Talent Network (GTN) of New York and Miami (1-800-326-4211). She resides in Tampa, Florida with husband and seventh grade sweetheart, Dr. Bob. In the words of Dr. Bob, “She’s not THAT great!”

For client list and more information, you may visit Dr. Susan’s personal website at: http://www.drsusan.net


Korea, 2003

Japan, 2001

Russia, 1995

Indonesia, 2003

China, 2006

Saudi Arabia, 2006 (3rd Edition)

England, 2003