Are you a Triangle? Box? Circle? Squiggle? or Rectangle?

Each of these 5 SHAPES describes a Personal Style reflecting the way you communicate with others, career choices, choosing friends, dealing with stress, and making decisions.

Inquires and Ordering Information
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BRING Psycho-Geometrics®

Although it’s great to learn your SHAPE through our online test, it is soooo much better to learn about Psycho-Geometrics® face-to-face in the classroom under the guidance of a Licensed Facilitator who has in-depth knowledge on the subject.

It’s one thing to know your Shape, it’s another to know how to USE this new knowledge in your everyday relationships at work and home.

If you are interested in bringing Psycho-Geometrics® in-house, we have 3 programs available at this time.

  2. Psycho-Geometrics® Personal Assessment™A Licensed Psycho-Geometrics® Consultant/Trainer will contact you to develop a custom-designed Workshop to meet the needs of your department/organization. “Shape Up Your Team” workshops are packed with games and group exercises. Our workshops are always fun and interactive. (If they’re not, our Squiggle trainers get bored!)

    Participants learn communication techniques to assist them in working with people of different Shapes. They learn each Shape in-depth AND examine the Shape of their department and the culture of the organization. (Each organization takes on a Shape.)

    Workshops vary from 3 hours to 3 days depending upon the needs of the client. Prices vary based on amount of time and number of participants.

    NOTE: For in-house workshops, you have a choice of having your participants take our online test prior to the day of the workshop (you will receive a special BILLING CODE to use for your team) , OR you can use the actual hard copy instrument, the Psycho-Geometrics® Personal Assessment™ and administer it “live” in the classroom. It is preferable to have participants discover their Shape personalities in person and, in the presence of a Licensed Consultant where questions can be answered. (Only a LicensedConsultant is authorized to administer the Personal Assessment™.)

  4. Having a BIG meeting? Need a dynamic SPEAKER to “rev up” the Team – and give them some great take-away value?

    Bring in a Psycho-Geometrics® Speaker and your people will be talking about their SHAPES for months to come. We have speakers to fit your budget and your culture who are throughout the U.S. and in 8 foreign countries. (Check out the “Meet Our Team” page on this Website for a Speaker near you.)

  5. CORPORATE LICENSE PROGRAM (Opportunity for in-house trainers)
  6. Want to present Psycho-Geometrics® whenever you want and again…and again within your organization?

    In response to demand, we have developed a Corporate License Program. This program gives your organization full permission for unlimited in-house usage of this intellectual property (Psycho-Geometrics®) and legal protection against copyright infringement litigation for a five-year period. In addition, the in-house trainer will have access to all products (both current and future) developed by Psycho-Geometrics® LLC.

    Each Corporate Licensee receives the complete TRAINER’S KIT.

    The Psycho-Geometrics® “Trainer’s Kit”

    The Psycho-Geometrics® “Trainer’s Kit” provides in-house trainers with everything required to conduct a comprehensive and professional training program: Communicating Beyond Our Differences. Kit includes:

  7. Leader’s Guide & Book
  8. Participant Workbook
  9. 20 Slides (PPT)
  10. Video Scenarios (DVD)
  11. 20 Personal Assessment™ for Adults
  12. The Psycho-Geo Game™ (250 cards)
  13. 20 “Quick Indicators” laminated card
  14. Flexing Scenario Cards
  15. 50 Shape stickers & pipe cleaners

  16. All replacement training supplies can be reordered through Psycho-Geometrics® LLC at a special discount of 40% for Corporate Clients.

    The Corporate License also includes a one day “Train-the-Trainer” Program presented by one of our Licensed Consultants.

    COST OF CORPORATE LICENSE (including Trainer’s Kit):     $4,500

    If you are an in-house Manager or Trainer who is interested in pursuing a Corporate License, please contact Susan Dellinger directly at: drsusandell@psychogeometrics.com or call the Tampa office at 1-800-762-3478.


    Several members of our Psycho-Geometrics® Consultant Team are ICA certified Personal Coaches. Coaching sessions vary from 30 to 60 minutes. Each Coach has an hourly rate and will evaluate your needs via further testing and interviews. To locate your Personal Coach, visit our “Meet the Team” section of this Website and choose the Coach who is just right for you.