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Shapes Assessment

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More than 1,000 companies have used Psycho·Geometrics® to raise awareness for behavioral differences and as a tool to strengthen employee and client relations, teams, communication, engagement, and culture.

Start Transforming Communication at Work
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  • Takes 15-minutes or less

  • Get your personalized Shapes Report immediately;

  • Discover who you are, what you do, and how you interact with others

  • Plus a downloadable Shapes Guide with communication tips

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the name


is derived from the word Psychometric

Using Shapes to Understand a team member, another team in a different business function, a boss, direct report, client, or vendor. 


Learn why you enjoy working with some people more than others.


Discover why some of your co-workers never miss a birthday lunch for a team member, and why others typically have a conflict and can’t join.


Find out why there always seems to be that one person who runs late to every meeting.


Enjoy that “ah-hah” moment when you finally realize why some clients love for you to stop by and see how things are going, yet others seemed annoyed.


Explore why you love working with people who always get it done, but would not enjoy vacationing with those same people.


Decide whether you should brainstorm with your boss as part of problem-solving, or if you should brainstorm with someone else before talking to your boss about the problem.

Psycho·Geometrics® for Work has been used in more than 30 countries in the areas of orientation, onboarding, talent management, diversity and inclusion training, and leadership development to increasing motivation, engagement, quality, efficiency, and overall productivity.

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One of the things I hear "over and over again" is that our clients love using

Psycho • Geometrics, because it’s easy to remember your shapes,

it’s easy to explain it to others, it works and it sticks.

- Susan Hite, Innovator & CEO of

Psycho • Geometrics

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Are you ready to communicate better at work?  Take the assessment and view your results in 15 minutes or less.

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